Bayern Brewing Tasting Event

October 12th at 6:30PM – 8:30 PM

Join us for a beer seminar and tasting by Juergen Knoeller, owner of Bayern Brewery.

Bayern is the oldest operating microbrewery in Montana having started in 1986.

Juergen will talk about the brewery’s history as well as discuss the history and divergence of brewing styles. Bayern will provide several different beers for tasting.

Montana’s Newest Cigar Club

The Omerta Cigar Club is set to open November 1st at  3 4th St N, Great Falls, MT 59401.

Website address: 
Official email addresses – &

The club has been meeting outside at Tracy’s for a couple of years. The new physical facility has already attracted 15 members with an additional 10 showing interest.

Owners Ken Weinheimer, Will Widby, and Neil DuBois have been working on the concept for some time. The second floor location will be about 1000 square feet, or slightly larger than the original Fools’ End.

Once Omerta is up and running there will be a reciprocal arrangement between the clubs.

Omerta members gather at Tracy’s to herald the start of accepting membership applications to the new location.

Annual Member Meeting (Saturday, October 2)

Fools End Club
Fools’ End members gather for a presentation earlier in 2021 by Cattle Baron Cigars.

Join us for the annual Member Meeting on Saturday October 2, kicking off around 6:00 PM.  Look for more details soon via email. The club will host cigars, whiskey, and light hors d’oeuvres.

Jacob Elder: Meet & Greet (Tuesday, August 17)

Jacob Elder: Missoula Mayoral Candidate
Presenting to the members of Fools’ End
August 17, 2021
6:30 PM: Meet and greet
7:30 Formal presentation with question & Answer
Light snacks will be provided.

There is no requirement to contribute to attend.  
Members may contribute a maximum of $360 ($180 for the primary and $180 for the general election).

2021 Fire in the Hole

On July 17th 90 attendees, 70 golfers and four cigar exhibitors gathered for the third annual summer event, Fire in the Hole, hosted by Fools’ End Club. The event was held for the first time at Missoula Country Club. The staff and facilities were top notch! Thank you also to the volunteers from the Western Montana Shrine Cub. The day of golf, socializing and cigars went very well. The skies were filled with smoke, from forest fires, and supplemented with cigars smoke from Big Sky Cigars, Carolina Blue, and Juanito’s, as well as Out of the Box.

Partial funds from the event were used to fund the Western Montana Shrine Club as well as the Boy Scouts of America. Watch here for the announcement of the 2022 event, coming soon.

Kentucky Derby Day with Bike & Car Show

We’re back on May 1, 2021 with another year of Kentucky Derby celebrations and camaraderie at the Fools’ End Cigar Club! This is an event not to be missed.

Festivities begin at 1:00 PM and run throughout the rest of the day.

Southern breakfast including ham, biscuits, fig chutney, grits, and other true to Derby food.

Derby dress encouraged!

New this year, cars and motorcycles of interest to be parked along Woody Street for an inaugural Car and Motorcycle Show.

Post time for the derby 4:30 PM.


Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

We are ready to hold our annual March Madness event.  This is one of our more popular events.  It will be held on March 12, at 6pm at the club.

Here are the rules for this year.  We will be doing a blind draw for teams.  1st place gets half the cigars (32), second place gets a quarter (16) and third and fourth share a quarter (8 each).

Each draw for a team will cost you one premium cigar.  This year we are defining a premium cigar as one having a shelf price of $12 or more.  And here’s the most important part.  You must buy your cigar locally, from either The Belle, Worden’s, or Out of the Box.  No internet purchases.

Last year everyone was able to draw three teams (which would cost you three cigars).  If you want to participate and can not be there, send your cigars with a friend.  If you are like Truman and have no friends, get your cigars to one of the owners and we will draw for you.
Any questions, please reach out.

House Committee Passes Cigar Bar Legislation

Update 3/22/21 – The Montana Senate held the first hearing on HB 285.The bill sponsor Senator Jeremy Trebas noted that there are a few amendments coming forward including the need to include a requirement for walk in humidors and an inclusion for private clubs.
Opponents, as expected, concentrated objections on the risks to health and children. While there were more opponents than proponents, the opponents testified on subjects unrelated to the change or quoted as “facts” common misinformation.

The committee voted to “table” the bill, which means that it is likely dead and will not get out of committee for a vote.

We will try again in two years with several representatives and Senators lined up for support.

Link to record hearing: Begins at 9:31:37

Update 3/17/21 – HB 285 passes the House and moves to the Senate:  HB 285 passed through the House floor vote by a margin of 55 to 43. The bill was transmitted to the Senate where it has its first hearing in the Judiciary Committee on March 19th. We are working to have the bill amended to include private cigar clubs such as Fools’ End, Summit Cigar Lounge, and the Bozeman Cigar club.

The club is working to have language included in this bill that would specifically recognize an exemption for private clubs. It is the opinion of several knowledgeable people involved with the legislature that this bill is unlikely to pass both houses without significant change. See this PDF for proposed legislation.