Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

We are ready to hold our annual March Madness event.  This is one of our more popular events.  It will be held on March 12, at 6pm at the club.

Here are the rules for this year.  We will be doing a blind draw for teams.  1st place gets half the cigars (32), second place gets a quarter (16) and third and fourth share a quarter (8 each).

Each draw for a team will cost you one premium cigar.  This year we are defining a premium cigar as one having a shelf price of $12 or more.  And here’s the most important part.  You must buy your cigar locally, from either The Belle, Worden’s, or Out of the Box.  No internet purchases.

Last year everyone was able to draw three teams (which would cost you three cigars).  If you want to participate and can not be there, send your cigars with a friend.  If you are like Truman and have no friends, get your cigars to one of the owners and we will draw for you.
Any questions, please reach out.